In the IME business, the advantages are all in the secure details.

National Presence with International Reach

direct IME is everywhere you need us to be throughout Canada and internationally. We can assist clients with coordination of IME services far beyond Canada’s borders if need be.

Turnaround Times

Meeting report timelines is critical, and they differ by insurance coverage and jurisdiction. direct IME ensures that deadlines are met and filings made as required.

Advanced Security

Our network infrastructure is audited in accordance with the highest process and financial control standards. High level encryption standards are used for data at rest and data in transit. Redundant mirrored servers housed at our secure data centers means continuous service availability for clients. direct IME services are available 24/7. Our annual business continuity and disaster recovery test and frequent network penetration tests are just two of the security exercises undertaken to ensure clients’ data are secure.


direct IME treats all referrals, reports and referral-related data in accordance with rigorous privacy protocols. All processes are aligned with PIPEDA’s federal privacy guidelines. Data security means the utmost precautions have been undertaken in the realm of cyber security. Data breaches are expensive, the processes embedded in direct IME‘s services are just another way that we help clients mitigate risks.