Referral Process

Referral Service Promise


direct IME promises the same service execution on every referral regardless of how it comes to us. Whether clients prefer submitting referrals via fax, phone or secure online referral form, the workflow is the same. The assessor is identified, appointment is scheduled, medical records gathered, report transcribed and generated, quality assurance performed, and final report delivered.

Multiple Ways to Refer


At direct IME, we strive to make the referral process as convenient and efficient as possible. Our customers choose the method that works best e.g., phone, fax, email or online, with the option to securely upload documents as well.

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All in the Details


There are hundreds of details to which direct IME service staff attend, meeting regulatory guidelines, and turnaround times required by the various provincial jurisdictions, insurance coverages, and Service Level Agreements that we have in place. Federal privacy guidelines like PIPEDA, PHIPA and HIPAA are observed at every step. So confidential company and claimant health information is protected.